Quintet Ventures is a leading edge cannabis startup incubator.


Our founders have decades of business acumen and a deep understanding of foundational alliances respective to the landscape of local economies. We are dedicated to marrying research and technical innovation with heritage and industry experts across integral segments to produce sustainable, scalable results.

By providing structure and support through vertical integration, our approach is specifically designed to cultivate progressive adaptability in a rapidly changing marketplace. With projections estimated at $8 billion when the mainstream market is reached, the cannabis industry is the the largest growing industry with no signs of slowing down. Quintet is poised to be at the forefront of the greatest boom witnessed since the dot com.

Our founding members share a passion for best business practices and community-minded, sustainable industry growth across various sectors.




adrian robinson headshot

As founder of Adepta Properties, Adrian helped build a $10M portfolio of hotels, restaurants, pubs and liquor stores. Adrian is the co-founder of Medi-Can Health Solutions, providing patients with quality-tested, organic medical cannabis.

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Andrew specializes in strategic corporate sales, partnership agreements, and brand development. He brings sharp business knowledge and skillset from endeavors that include dealer principal of three Telus Mobility locations and founding CEO of a highly successful events and promotions agency.

For business inquiries and opportunities, please contact us at via email or call 1.877.302.5247